Teen Patti Rules & Teen Patti Sequence Explained

Teen Patti Rules: It is a popular domestic gambling card game that originated in India and is now popular throughout Southeast Asia. With over six million monthly active players globally, it is India’s one of most popular games. To win at this engrossing game, you’ll need both strategy and chance! The game is a simplified … Continue reading Teen Patti Rules & Teen Patti Sequence Explained

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Poker Rules: Poker Hands & Poker Sequence

Poker Rules: Germans have been playing a bluffing game known as “Pochen” since the fifteenth century. It was later adapted into a French version known as “Poque,” which was eventually carried to New Orleans and played on Mississippi riverboats. The game was improved further in the 1830s, and it became known as Poker. Poker Rules … Continue reading Poker Rules: Poker Hands & Poker Sequence

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5 Easy Steps to Play Rummy and Win

When it comes to card games, Rummy always takes the centre stage for being the most entertaining and interesting card game. Played with 2 decks with 2 jokers in it and to win, the players require to declare a valid announcement after making a group of valid sequence and sets. Before we move forward to …

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Easy Steps to Learn & Play Teen Patti

Steps to Learn & Play Teen Patti: The captivating game of Teen Patti is quite interesting and no big surprise it has an enormous fan base in India.  You will see practically all Indian-based club facilitating the game of Teen Patti alongside numerous online Teen Patti websites, making it simple for the Indian club players …

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Top 10 Online Card Game Apps in India

Online Card Game Apps have been in India for a long time and have still not lost its charm. Be it a festival or any social gathering, card games are evergreen. But, due to the current situation of social distancing playing with family or friends have become next to impossible. Though, what has been a …

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Best Online Card Games in India to Earn Money

Online card games are hugely popular in India. The card games are loved by people of all age groups. The card games were considered a means of gambling and were also looked down upon but the times have changed. Nowadays the card games have evolved and so has the image of card players. The card …

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Teen Patti Rules: How to Play Online and Win Cash

Teen Patti Rules: Teen Patti is a gambling game that is never out of fashion. it is played with a deck of 52 cards. This game of cards was originally started in India and is widespread among many Asian countries. It is somewhat similar to Poker and 3 Card Brag if you are aware of …

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How to Play Rummy Online and Earn Real Money

Play Rummy Online and Earn Real Money Rummy is a card game played with at least 2 decks of cards and 2 jokers as a must-have for it. Not just a game for entertainment, but rummy online proves to be resourceful in a lot of other ways. One such added advantage of playing rummy online …

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Top 5 Indian Card Games to Earn Money Playing Games Online

Indian Card Games to Earn Money: Long weekends and the winter in the air with festivals round the corner, what better time to take the deck out and enjoy a game of cards with your loved ones. But, this pandemic-struck world might not let you get close to your close ones. This may sound like …

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